The Logistics of Weight in Trucking Materials

Moving Freight and Materials related to the construction industry is a complicated and logistical challenge. Large trucks and trailers are used and the highways of the world are full of them as a result. One of the biggest concerns these large rigs have is their load weight when loaded with materials. Most states and countries have weight restrictions that are enforced by local authorities and the results of going over the allotted weight with an overweight load is a large fine and having to wait while another truck and fork lift arrives to take some of the load from overloaded tractor trailer. Truck scales are the key to preventing this costly delay and large expense. With these scales, a large rig or truck can roll on top of the scale before and after it is loaded and be weighed quickly and efficiently, leaving no question as to the weight of the load in the truck. Any large supplier of lumber, metal or other construction materials should have one of these installed.

These scales come turn key and are available in various designs, platforms and materials to fit just about any company’s budget and space constraints. The scales are available for indoor and outdoor use come with led  screens and printer options. The price out starting at just under a grand, so they are very reasonably priced. The question is how can a material and supply company afford not to have one of these scales on site? I think its a no brainer.

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