Framing Nails

Framing uses larger nails to carry the load required in most Codes. Generally speaking this means 16d or 12d nails will be used. If you are using a framing gun then you typically have to step down to 12d nails with clipped heads.  That would mean 3 1/4″ long nails with a diameter of .131″. Paslode and other manufacturers make these. If you are doing a small project, such as one small wall, then you can hand nail. But if you are looking into a larger project, then the extra $500 or so to purchase a compressor and framing nailer will save a tremendous amount of time and is well worth the investment. Porter Cable makes a pancake compressor with a framing gun kit for under $400 as well as Hitachi.

Other things to consider when using framing nails:

  • Bright Common: used for normal indoor nailing projects such as walls
  • ring shanked: help prevent nail from backing out
  • galvanized: great for outdoor wood project or moisture ( make sure they are compatible with pressure treated AZQ wood if using)
  • spiral: Used to hold nail in.

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