Choosing the ideal framing nail gun for your project

Framing nail guns come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one main thing in common, they are designed to drive larger 8d, 10d, and 12d nails into 2×4 and larger dimension wood.  They are the workhorse of any framing crews tool box and using the right gun can save a lot of time and expense. I have used Bostitch, Ridgid, Hitachi and Porter Cable and Ridgid is the clear winner in my book. I have had my ridgid nailer for 5 years and it has performed flawlessly. It also has a great set of features that I really appreciate like the rear loading nail clip holder, easy nail clip lock and a swiveling air hose nipple. All of those seem like no big deal, but when you are trying to load large nails through a top loading nail gun while hanging in rafters, or move a hose around you  while on a ladder to get at a tight spot, they can make the difference between madness and a job going easy.  My Ridgid is also light weight made from magnesium alloy so I can drop it and not worry about breaking it.

So when considering a framing gun, make sure you look at the small details, not just the cheapest gun on the shelf, or going with a particular brand because you already have another one of their products. Failure to pay attention to features can make for a long day on the job. Good Framing!

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