Framing with plumbing in mind

When framing out a house consideration needs to be given to the where the plumbing is, or will be in relation to studs and walls. The last thing a plumbing contractor wants to deal with is removing an improperly located two by four where the main vent stack should be located for the entire house. For this to not be an issue the plumbing contractor and the framing contractor need to work together to make sure framing is properly placed. This will create more room in the walls if the framing is properly done where plumbing needs to be placed. An example of this is to frame the base plate to where the main vent pipe is going to be located, thus saving the time and labor of drilling large holes through the two by fours for the large pipe.

A well designed sewage and ventilation system will help prevent back ups and clogs. But, if your are in the Northeast then Balkans plumbing can help with Queens sewer problems.

Another example of good framing practices is to leave the correct amount of room needed to plumb in for a sink. Room needs to be left to bring in a drain pipe with a vent pipe moving up, and a hot and cold pipe to feed the faucet. It is a good idea to allow a few extra inches between framing studs for these pipes in the wall. Make sure you don’t forget to include a 2 by 6 if you are installing a pedestal sink to support the sink on the wall.

Making just a few minor changes to your regular framing practices can make for a much smoother construction or remodeling job and, in the end, create less issues during finish out. In the end, that is what we are all wanting.


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